6 Tips To Quickly Refresh Your Space

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Story By: Nicoli Alexander

Many of us have rooms in our homes that we either don’t know what to do with, or we have made some attempts at creating a space and it isn’t exactly doing what we thought it would. Even as designers, we struggle with creating this environment in our own homes.

No matter the style or the mood you are trying to create, there are a few quick ways you can refresh your space and transform how your home makes you feel.

Tip #1 - Declutter and keep items that bring you joy when you look at them! Some of us collect gifts from other people, objects from our travels, or things that have been handed down to us. No one can help you go through these items as the attachment to these things are very personal. Don’t be afraid to donate items to other people that will get more use out of them.

Tip #2 - With the items that remain in your space do you notice any common themes that you can build off of? Are you attracted to items that have a certain color, pattern, texture or a particular style? If you see a common theme you can build off of that and create a room with all of these items. If other items do not fall into this design style or color concept, Take them out of the space and possibly use them in another one.

Tip #3 - Take a look at the walls around your room, and don’t feel limited by having to choose one paint color for all of the walls. There is always an opportunity to include an accent paint on one or two walls. You can look at the ceiling and see if there are any opportunities to apply a material or additional lighting to the ceiling. Most rooms often Neglect the ceiling and it can have the biggest impact on your design.

Tip #4 - One of the quickest ways to refresh your space is to get new pillows, throws, curtains and decor. You do not always need to buy new things, but look at what you have in the other rooms or in your storage. We are creatures of habit and sometimes we will place things in certain rooms and then not remember that we can move them around. If you need to purchase some new accessories you can do this for a minimal cost by going to home goods or shopping online!

Tip #5 - Remember that putting together a room is much like putting together an outfit. If you have too much of one color or not enough variation, Your scores will immediately feel undone. I like to think of a room as a balance of various materials - Wood, mirrors, leather, metal, ceramic, glass,etc. Take a look around your room and notice if you have too much of Glahn material. If so, think about replacing a few of the items in your space where you have too much of one material. For instants if you have a wood coffee table and Wood side tables think about switching one of them out for a glass or metal table.

Tip #6 - Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Not all of us are experts at design, And for very little money you can create a truly unique and beautiful space that will change how you experience your home. Most designers have various packages that include Most designers have various packages that include consultations, specifications, or full service interior design.

Everyone deserves to live in a beautiful space that reflects their unique sense of style. Start with one room in your house and use these tips to help you get started. If you get stuck and need a little assistance we are here to help!

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