Meet The Artists

IDEA Design + Art collaborates with local designers and artists in Colorado to bring you fresh ideas and beautiful lifestyle products. Every artist working with us to showcase a gallery of their latest paintings, jewelry, photography, clothing, and accessories.  


Click below on any of the images to view the artist's lifestyle gallery. 

Vinni Alfonso

Inspired By: “I am passionate about creating images/experiences that coax introspection”



Inspired By: "Nature & extensive traveling. Specializes in large-scale mixed media paintings. -"

Reynaldo Christopher Surposa



Inspired By: " My mentor Farrell Cockrum. His influence has taught me to paint loosely and open-mindedly letting the painting tell its own story.”

Hana Shoup

Inspired By: "Art history, the human form, and traveling are my portals of creative exploration. "

Jeff Richards

Inspired By: “The pursuit of 3 essential questions – What are we, why are we here, what are we doing here?”

Matthew Fredricey

Inspired By: "Nature, dreams, visions, meditation, music, and from other artists he admires. "



Inspired By: " Music, beautiful places, wonderful experiences, genuine personal connections with amazing people, gifts of visions."

Dennis Haug

Inspired By: "I love getting out of bed at 2am in order to witness colors that only nature can create."